Art of Elio Beltran

Exhibitions and Selected Collections

Detailed lists of Exhibitions, both One person, and invitational, and honorary, as well as Selected Collective exhibitions can be made available upon request, directed to the artist addressed to the e mail address listed on the Home page of this web.

 On this particular page, we refer to some of the most important recent exhibitions and Collections, Starting with the paintings on the Florida International University, FIU, Miami, Florida that acquired well over a dozen oils of the Cuban Balseros' Series collection. This collection was also honored with the Outstanding artist of the years 1995 Award, 1996  New Jersey Network for the paintings related to the brave, and the many who lost their lives crossing the Florida Strait in desperate, and many times tragic, search for freedom. A detail of the first painting on this collection appears on the left of this page, entitled "...The Fear was left behind" (On the High Seas) 1994 Oil on canvas 46x24 inches. 

FIU also has in its collection since 1989 the Oil "The Night of the Exiles" 5x7 Feel Oil 1988.


The Municipality of Roquetas de Mar, Almeria has in its collection, two of the 45 paintings exhibited in AndalucĂ­a, Spain as part of "Raices Culturales"  Special honorary Exhibition that was dedicated to the Hispanic Cultural Heritage with paintings specially produced as tributes to Francisco de Goya, and Miguel de Cervantes, also including works that related to the Spanish Culture in America. a Major exclusive exhibition in 2005 , that later in 2007 was part of a special Exhibition in Zaragoza, Spain 2007 celebrating Goya, who was also  born in Aragon, the land of birth of elio Beltran grandfather.  



MUSEUM OF MODERN ART OF THE AMERICAS, Washington  DC. The oil "Transitions" 48x36" 1982

JERSEY CITY MUSEUM, New Jersey. Tribute to Enrique Labrador Ruiz painting.

Cintas Foundation Collection. Tribute to Daniel Serra Badue, and other paintings from The Memories of Cuba oils series.

Museum Fondo del Sol, Washington DC, 2 oils of the Afro-Cuban oil paintings series.

Editorial America collection, Miami Florida.1987  Oil "Midday in Guanabacoa" 28x36 inches.

Museum of Art and Sciences of Bergen County, New Jersey. 1988 Oil 28x32 inches "Destiny Unknown" (Destino Ignoto).

Collection of Friends of the Fort Lauderdale Museum.

Museum of the Poet J.M. Oxholm, Detroit, Michigan.

Private Collectors in Europe, Latin America , and The USA.




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