The following list of names is a selection of some of the personalities who have commented

about the work of Elio Beltran. A comprehensive collection of clippings of publications and articles

is available at the reference library of The Cuban Heritage Collection, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. (A bibliography  could be made available by request to the artist visiting the

contact page). Please click the following link to see the complete update of awards:

Abelardo Garcia Berry, Founder of La Voz de Elizabeth and president of Cuban Journalist

Association in Exile, Miami, Fl. 2011-2013. Elyse Brady, Director/Administrator of The Art

Association of St. Augustine. Pls refer to

Alejandro Anreus PHD. Artist Professor of art History, William Patterson University, New Jersey.

Armando Alvarez Bravo, Author, poet and art critic. Nuevo Herald, Miami, Florida.

The late Giulio Blanc. Curator specialized on Cuban and Latin American Art with Sotheby,

New York city.

The late Perter Bloch- Author and journalist, Delegate of The French Academy of Arts, Sciences

and Letters in the USA.

The late Don Jose Castllejos Capel, Author and journalist, La  Voz de Almeria, Almeria , Spain.

 The late, Florencio Garcia Cisneros. Art Critic and founder of Noticias de Arte, New York City.

Adriana Herrera, Art Journalist. El Nuevo Herald, Miami.

Luis Felipe Marsans, Arts Journalist, Diario de las Americas, Miami, Florida.

Rafael Roman Martel, Author, poet and journalist, Union City, New Jersey. 

Gustavo Valdes Jr. Independent Curator and Art Critic, New York, Paris, Miami. Founder of

Ars Mgazine.

1980's Earlier comentators:

The late Daniel Serra Badue' - Artist, Educator, and Mentor

Aleida Duran - Journalis and writer, Hudson Dispatch, and Ahora, New Jersey, New York, California.

David Shirey, Art Critic New York Times.

Walter Shirey, Art critic New York Times.

Eileen Watkins, Art Critic, Newark Star Leger.

Erick Rubel, Director of Artemis Productions

Vivien Raynor, Art Critic, New York Times, New York.






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 Sweet dream of Vinales 

Thinking of Goya-Detail

From Elio Beltran

"Viva Goya" 

Oilexhibition in Zara goza 2007 Spain