Elio Beltran in his N.Jersey Studio 2005


Special Message
from the Artist

Just as I was finishing building this new web site, I received the gratifying news that I like to share with everyone looking at it now. It is that my book entitled Back to Cuba/The return of the Butterflies has received five stars reviews that have been granted by readers as recently indicated in Amazon.com website.

To read the first three chapters of the book, log on to AMAZON.COM and click on (BOOKS) and write BACK TO CUBA/THE RETURN OF THE BUTTERFLIES BY ELIO.F BELTRAN.....The mustard color cover of the special edition can be found and, if interested, please click on the book cover to be able to read the three first chapters of the book.

According to the publisher, Independent reviews mention the Book as "A compelling account of factual historic events and the artist’s childhood and life as it was in pre-revolutionary Cuba, and thereafter including life as an exile in the Unites States".

This Book in its 374 illustrating pages, gives testimony to history far beyond my passion for painting my Memories of Cuba, and the Colors of Spain. The Special Edition mentioned above also looks at factors that should prompt the forthcoming historical development and hopes of relief for the suffering Cuban people.

Separately, as it can be noted on the following pages of this website, besides paintings that relate to my memories of Cuba Collection, there are other paintings that relate to celebrations of Culture and History. My series of Colors of Spain oils have been exhibited in Spain, celebrating the Spanish heritage since 2005 with tributes to Goya and Cervantes, as well as marking references to places and historical events that have influenced life and developed valuable roots in The United States, most recently, April to July 1st, 2013, I had the honor of presenting a memorable exhibition under the name “What Flows from Spain”, at St. Augustine Art Association, in Florida celebrating this important heritage right at the 500’s anniversary of the discovery of Florida by Don Juan Ponce de Leon.