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 This new website will center on actualization, and it is primarily directed to connect with interested visiting web viewers with emphasis in stimulating a connection to the art world, and with those who may have any particular interest in knowing more about the works as well as those who could be interested in acquisition of available works by the artist, and, or interest in Commissioning new work, whether they may be collectors or acting agents, as well as the public in general.      

                 For direct questions or contact please send an e mail to: 


             It has been a very rewarding work building this new Website, and my sincere hope is that every one opening this web could find the details and photos in it to be interesting and, as gratifying as it has been for me personally. I know that in most of it you will find joyful memories or feelings, particularly on The Memories of Cuba paintings some of which can be seen on the most recent DVD link about the Elio  Beltran Museum and Artists Gallery as follows: 

http://youtu.be/gn6J1Uo7ZOU  , or  via your browser.. 

Elio Beltran/Museum/Youtube

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